The SCADA Engineer will take a leading role in Responsible for managing the design / engineering, integration and commissioning of the various SCADA systems and associated communication network infrastructure and services associated with the Baltic projects of the company in order to ensure that input is provided, and engineering work is managed as required from the development through to the operational phase. The SCADA Engineer will be responsible for ensuring SCADA and communications system design is successfully completed and implemented for the projects and will engage with the supply chain as required in order to support the progression of the project.

Main Accountabilities:

  • Ensure overarching cross-project approach to SCADA system design is implemented that recognizes and reflects all interfaces and dependencies.
  • Provide support to the Interface Management Team to manage the physical Interfaces associated with the elements of the SCADA and communication systems.
  • Identify and manage the logical interfaces between the systems ensuring that the data exchanges between the SCADA systems or with 3rd party systems are developed according to the project requirements.
  • Develop the cross-project network and DMZ designs, identify the requirements associated with the different work packages and ensure that the communications between the local systems and with remote systems is developed according to the project requirements.
  • Develop the cross-project overall FO network design, identify the requirements associated with the different work packages and coordinate the scope of the different suppliers.
  • Ensure that the Project’s Cybersecurity requirements and measures are incorporated in the design of the SCADA and communication systems. Develop and maintain a SCADA system design basis that reflects the cross-project approach.
  • Ensure SCADA system design work undertaken for the project is undertaken using appropriate methods and is confirmed to be in accordance with applicable standards (e.g. the Grid Code and the STC) and project requirements.
  • Where required by the Senior Electrical Engineer, manage contracts or sections of contracts related to the design and delivery of SCADA equipment.
  • Prepare and develop technical specifications for all work packages and undertake technical assessment of proposals.
  • Provide specialist SCADA support of the company’s Projects where requested.
  • Develop and maintain an overarching cross-project SCADA system integration and

    commissioning plan to ensure successful delivery of a complete system in support of (i) wind farm handover to operations and (ii) transmission asset handover to the appointed OFTO.

  • Quality management of SCADA system manufacturing and commissioning/testing process across all project work packages.
  • Supporting the Grid Code compliance process including coordination of testing. Required Academic and Professional Experience:
    • A degree in electrical engineering or equivalent such as is required.
    • Experience with computer networks, communication systems, control & instrumentation is required. Minimum 5years experience within the power/ energy sector is required.
    • Experience in either the offshore wind or electricity transmission sector is strongly preferred. Chartered or Incorporated Engineer status is desirable Required Knowledge: Experience in a multi-disciplinary project environment is required. Demonstrable knowledge in some or all of the following areas is required:
    • Knowledge of wind farm operations and the associated SCADA system and telecommunications network infrastructure requirements is essential.
    • Knowledge of the standards associated with SCADA system design of grid connected power projects is essential, including knowledge of key aspects of the UK regulatory regime such as the Grid Code and STC.
    • Knowledge of the design, installation and testing of fibre optic communication systems/networks is required.
    • Knowledge of the design and installation of low voltage electrical systems, including associated standards, is desirable.
    • Knowledge of the design and installation of control, protection and metering systems including associated standards, is desirable.
    • Knowledge of electrical system design/study/analysis processes and techniques is desirable. Standards associated with electrical system design of grid connected power projects is required, including knowledge of key aspects of the Polish regulatory regime such as the Grid Code and SQSS.

Required Skills/Competencies:
Self-starter with a proactive approach to project and contract management in order to identify risks and opportunities early and initiate appropriate actions. Ability to communicate across all levels of the project team and to support (and manage where required) the relationship with external stakeholders. Attentive to detail with strong written communication, organisational and time management skills.


The project has an international team of employees and the working language is Polish and English. Candidates need to be fluent in English both spoken and written. Proficiency in other languages will be valued.

Location in Warsaw or Gdynia but travelling to supplier’s facilities and offices local construction ports.

The company offers the possibility to work on a B2B or permanent contract.

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