Wind Farm Manager

Our client is one of the largest IPPs in Poland and the world. Currently they are looking for a Wind Farm Manager to join their team in Poland.


  • MAIN SERVICE PROVIDERS – agree and authorize the work under the turbines, coordinate the work of subcontractors and suppliers to resolve any incidents with them, in order to adapt the contract work to the needs of the department and utilize the wind resources of the park.
  • LOCAL OPERATION – Run the tasks required in the operation of substations, high and medium voltage lines and transformer station and support the local operation of the wind turbines with the main contractor in order to ensure the proper functioning and efficiency of the park.
  • OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE – Organize and assign daily maintenance of the plant with subcontractors personnel to ensure optimum efficiency of the park.
  • REPORTS – Perform monitoring reports maintenance and operation of the park, recording information, Scada monitoring system of the park and send the technical analysis studies to collect and summarize the information that supports the decision-making department.
  • REMOTE OFFICE REPORTING – Send to remote office information about the availability status of this park and coordinate with maneuver operations , downloads , opening of lines , etc. . to ensure the correct operation of the park and adjust programs based charging unavailability or incidents.
  • SECONDARY PROVIDERS – Analyze incidents on the spot, locate service providers that can solve the problem , receive and respond to needs of different suppliers who perform work in the plant (environment, civil repairs , electrical maintenance , etc.), and organize the work of the maintenance contracts to optimize the performance of the wind farm.
  • Operation and Maintenance – Organize daily maintenance, operation of the plant and assign daily tasks , monitor compliance with procedures and work standards, provide technical support to operators with troubleshooting, take control and personnel management ( work , holidays … ), take control and media management ( EPFS? , vehicles, cash payments … ) , making first contact in incidents with owners , troubleshoot and procedures developed by the support , develop the report weekly internal plant tracking , monitoring and controlling machines repairs, substations , CT’s, lines and substations , waste management and environmental monitoring, addressing incidents both inside and outside working hours (troubleshooting , breakdowns .. ) check that equipment is in order, maintenance of vehicles, incidents, make small payments to providers consumption and develop the first version of the incident reports to ensure optimum fleet efficiency.
  • CONTINUOUS improvement – Act as an active part of the process of continuous improvement in all phases of the process (analysis, definition, implementation, monitoring … ) and being a facilitator in the transformation of behavior to the pursuit of continuous improvement.
  • COMPANY POLICY AND LEGAL COMPLIANCE – Understand, implement and ensure compliance by subcontractors plans occupational safety, environment and quality to ensure implementation and compliance, and continuous improvement of its activities department.
  • Assist in the implementation and maintenance of EMS.
  • Participate in the evaluation of compliance with applicable requirements and environmental assessment.
  • Collaborate with EMS Manager in the development of the goals and objectives of the country program and implement appropriate actions.
  • Analyze, record and encode communications as needed.
  • Communicate to subcontractors environmental requirements.
  • Assist in the identification and registration of non-conformities, corrective and preventive actions, and possible environmental emergencies.
  • Promote compliance with good environmental practices at the sites.
  • Ensure that waste management is carried out according to the applicable legal requirements and internal guidelines.
  • Follow the actions specified in relation to the operational control of monitoring and measuring (corresponding indicators report).
  • Follow guidelines for emergency response and make them known to the staff perform their work in wind farms, and report any situation of ” near miss ” and / or emergency to their supervisor.



Occupational Training; Degree in Engineering

Languages: Polish, English, Spanish is a plus


Minimum of 3 years of previous in the wind sector

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