Our client is an international investor in Wind and Solar projects and one of the largest companies in the world. Currently for one of their wind projects they are looking for a Wind Turbine Technician. In this role you will be responsible for monitoring and/or performing the activities of preventive, corrective maintenance and operation of the equipment and systems of wind farms and/or photovoltaic plants, as well as tests and inspections, in accordance with the instructions of the line manager, rules, detailed procedures and similar precedents. This in order to contribute to the maximum availability, reliability and safety of the facilities. Collect, validate, and share operational data of the plants.  Identify local service suppliers, support procurement and management of their services in accordance with the instructions of the line manager, internal rules, and procedures.


  1. Monitor and perform the operation of wind farms and photovoltaic plants, as well as the facilities attached to high voltage, medium voltage, and low voltage, in normal or emergency situation, according to instructions from CORE (Renewable Operation Centre) and the line manager.
  2. Use observations and operational data collected to compile reports on plants operation, providing information for internal analysis, audits, etc. Document and report waste management data, HSE incidents, environmental incidents, damages to plants and infrastructure.
  3. Coordinate and supervise activities of external service suppliers performing works on the plants. Collect evidence of the works carried out by the subcontracted companies for reports preparation, check lists and other records related to compliance with the procedures and deadlines, for the correct certification of the work performed
  4. Monitor and/or perform the preventive, corrective and modifying maintenance of wind farms and photovoltaic plants in accordance with the established plans, manuals, operational and OHS procedures
  5. Lead performance of tests, measurements and inspections of the equipment and systems of wind farms and photovoltaics plants to verify quality of maintenance works performed on plants and to detect possible existing anomalies, in accordance with the plans, maintenance ranges and current legislation. (Multiple plants)
  6. Analyze results of tests, measurements, inspections performed internally or by external contractors to assess and document technical condition of plants and identify existing anomalies. Support line manager in definition and planning of the required corrective measures. (multiple plants)
  7. Identify suppliers for services required for plants operation, support line manager in procuring and managing their services in accordance with internal rules and procedures.
  8. Support line manager in cooperation with external plant managers (TCM service providers), support collection of operational data, reporting activities, coordination of by works by 3rd party service providers and ensure following of security and OHS rules according to internal rules and procedures.
  9. Perform the collection, registration, validation, and extraction of data recorded by SCADA and metering systems of wind farms and photovoltaic plants.
  10. Make the record of the movements of materials and their storage, as well as keep in perfect condition buildings and offices facilities, tools, auxiliary resources, and vehicles necessary for the execution of the works.
  11. Participate in projects of international scope at the request of the line manager, which could involve trips to foreign countries.


Knowledge and/or training required for the correct performance of the occupation.


  • Electricity, electronics, mechanics.
  1. Of application:
  • Equipment and elements of the installations of wind farms, photovoltaic plants and high voltage, medium voltage, and low voltage installations.
  • Knowledge about the design and operation of wind farms, photovoltaic plants and high voltage, medium voltage, and low voltage installations.
  • Knowledge of the processes of generation and distribution of electrical energy.
  • Knowledge of procedures and operating parameters recommended by the manufacturers of the equipment.
  • Reading and interpretation of single-line diagrams and equipment plans.
  • Operational knowledge of power switches, power transformers and power systems protection.
  • Interpretation of logical control diagrams.
  • Official regulations and specifically of the articles concerning safety, (distances, risks, etc.).
  • User-level computing (Word, Excel, Windows, etc.).
  • First aid standards.
  • Legislation on Prevention of Occupational Risks and Environment.
  1. Languages:
  • English (Advanced)

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