Manage, control and supervise the operation of company’s wind or solar assets. Coordinate the main contractors to make sure the maintenance plans and guidelines established by Company’s O&M and other central Departments are fulfilled. Ensure the maintenance activities at the site are performed in full compliance with applicable law and the directives related to H&S and environmental protection, as they are issued by the company.


1. MAIN SERVICE PROVIDERS – agree on the scheduling of the maintenance plans with the main contractors and authorize the implementation of maintenance activities in the assigned plants. Coordinate contractors’ work ensuring the fulfillment of the contractual obligations and optimizing the defined operational drivers and the performance.

2. LOCAL OPERATION – Perform local operation of the plants. In particular maneuvers for the connection- disconnection of MV Lines and wind turbines / solar inverters. Operate MV/HV Substations locally and coordinate with the company’s dispatching center for local and remote operations to be performed.

3. REPORTS – Ensure the maintenance contractors reports timely and according to their contractual obligations. Ensure proper and complete recording of relevant information through the Second level SCADA adopted by the company and all the tools made available by the company (i.e.SAPPM,Dynamics,OPMS,PowerBI). Perform analysis based on the data collected by the SCADA systems and provide suitable information to support decisions.

4. COOPERATION WITH REMOTE OPERATION and DISPATCH CENTER – ensure the proper coordination with the company’s remote operation and dispatch center. Ensure proper contact with TSO and DSO in all the cases maneuvers are required to be performed remotely and locally. Transmit weekly maintenance plan to remote control and dispatching center; update maintenance programs and planned unavailability when variations occur as a consequence of environmental, meteorological conditions or occurrence of faults.

5. CONTRACTORS MANAGEMENT – Analyze the needs for the optimal operating conditions of the plants and the resolution of malfunctions or accidental events. Identify the service providers that can adequately fix the problems. Coordinate different suppliers involved in the plants to perform works. Manage and organize the activities covered by the maintenance contracts in place. Optimize the conservation and the performance of the wind farms.

6. OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE – Organize daily maintenance, operations of the plants and assign daily tasks. Monitor compliance with procedures and best practices. Ensure the fulfilment of the O&M model implemented by the company. Make use of IT Tools in place to ensure proper collection and management of the information concerning the advancement of maintenance activities and the status of the equipment.

7. MANAGEMENT OF EMERGENCIES – Responsible for the first contacts with internal and external stakeholders (company’s management, contractors, landowners, emergency bodies) in case of accidents or any kind of emergency occurring at the site.

8. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT – Implement routine quality inspections to ensure scope and adequacy of works from subcontractors are fulfilled. Participate to the continuous improvement process in all the phases (analysis, definition, implementation, monitoring). Adopt the behavior and the mind set facilitating the pursuit of continuous improvement of the processes and of the operational drivers.

9. COMPANY POLICY AND LEGAL COMPLIANCE – acknowledge and understand policies, directives and procedures implemented by the company. Ensure the compliance of the same by contractors.

10. HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT (HSE) – Contribute to the identification and registration of non- conformities, promote corrective and preventive actions. Carry out regular HSE inspections to ensure adherence of subcontractors to legislation and company’s guidelines.

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