Our client is one of the leading IPP is the Romanian market and the world.  For their growing team in Bucharest we are now looking for an electrical or power engineer for the role of Shift Operator.

Guarantee the correct operation of the renewable power plants, by supervision, remote operation, coordination of works and operations, monitoring of forecast programs, in accordance with the department’s guidelines and occupational hazard prevention and environmental / regulatory standards, in order to guarantee the maximum availability and efficiency of the installations and maximum use of the renewable energy resources.


  1. SUPERVISION, REMOTE CONTROL AND DISPATCH OF RENEWABLE POWER PLANTS – Monitor real-time control operations (24×7) and performance of renewable power plants; real-time performance analysis; take notes; act on stoppages, curtailment and electrical orders; perform real time remote commands in power plants; issue work orders, guaranteeing optimum security conditions, with the collaboration of O&M management and/or the power plant on-site personnel; follow the execution of the aforementioned tasks.
  2. COORDINATION WITH EXTERNAL DISPATCH CENTERS – Answer to calls from system operators and maintain a permanent link with other dispatch centers, distributors and transmissions system operators, in order to coordinate and/or guide the operations, procedures and dispatch processes, in the network and power plants. Ensure safe assets operation according to standard operating procedures and external regulations.
  3. EXTERNAL INTERACTION – Guarantee the continuous exchange of information with system operators (transmission and distribution), OEM remote control centers, production forecast centers, market operators (trading and electricity markets) and off-takers. Verify production forecasts and incidents in real-time, in order to adapt market programs and minimize deviations.
  4. INTERNAL INTERACTION – Collaborate with the O&M teams in the identification and communication of incidents and faults, electrical restrictions imposed by the transmission system operators and provide energy production forecasts.
  5. OPERATIONAL TOOLS – Perform SCADA system connection/control tests in the power plants and substation automated systems, communication systems and all relevant software for the operation of the power plants, in order to guarantee that the assets are correctly operated. Inform RODC supervisor about the faults and system downtime.
  6. COMMUNICATION WITH THIRD PARTIES – Ensure the availability of required information and represent the RODC when dealing with external entities, in order to protect company’s interests, consolidate its image and develop positive working relationships with institutions, while guaranteeing the acquisition and retention of specific knowledge and expertise.
  7. COMPANY POLICY AND COMPLIANCE WITH REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS – Know and apply the occupational hazard, environmental and quality plans to ensure that they will be applied and complied with. Guarantee compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements in relation to the activities performed.


  Academic Skills:

  • Bachelor degree (3 or 5 years) in engineering, preferably in Electrical or Controls Engineering.

  Professional Experience:

  • 2-5 years working experience in electrical or/and control systems.
  • 0-3 years professional experience required (for bachelor degree).

  Specific Knowledge:

  • Familiarity with MS Office and SCADA systems.
  • Standards related to regulatory, health, prevention of risks, environment and quality.
  • Languages: English.

  Valued skills:

  • Knowledge about electrical regulatory requirements.
  • Electrical distribution and transportation systems.
  • Operation of control systems and HV equipment in RPP substations.
  • Wind turbines technology (mechanical/electrical operation & maintenance; alarms; SCADA and additional software).
  • Technical concepts applicable to the electrical sector.


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