Our client is one of the largest utilities in the world now looking to expand their development team in Poland by hiring a senior Project Development Manager with at least 7 years of experience in the field of renewable energy. This is a highly demanding role, involving permitting knowledge, market regulation, supporting the M&A process and the ability to establish and implement project development strategies and costs.

In this role you will be supporting the necessary actions in the promotion of future wind and solar plants, in accordance with the company guidelines, in order to build, develop, boost and support the portfolio of the solar and wind activity to the successful fulfilment of the business plan.

identification of suitable geographical locations in which to construct wind farm or solar farms in order to contribute to the achievement of the business plan objectives as well as securing land through the negotiation with the landowners

To help in case of M&A opportunities or Financing Processes: Due Diligence of the projects, checking basic information.

You will autonomously manage the business from the identification of opportunities to contracting with the owners and the support of the communities involved.

Support the development of projects under construction to allow the timely execution of wind and/or solar projects assigned, in coordination with other departments, suppliers and stakeholders, while complying with cost budget and company’s standards to pursue the Business Plan and Strategy defined by the Administration of the company in Poland.


  1. DEVELOPMENT OF THE BUSINESS PLAN –identification of suitable geographical locations in which to construct wind farms / Solar PV plants in order to contribute to the achievement of the business plan objectives. . Knowledge of the administrative expectations and processes to perform in opportunities selection. Participate and coordinate the representation in tenders in order to guarantee the efficiency of the offers.

Explore new and relevant sites through targeted personal research or through results made available, with public and private stakeholders. Understand in great detail competitors and the main participants in the area’s solar business, to detect opportunities (purchase opportunities, market alterations, etc.), to foresee risks and threats to guarantee the company’s competitive position. Identify and forge cooperation with other promotion companies. Explore new and relevant sites through targeted personal research or through results made available by the GIS Team, with public and private actors

  1. PERMITTING PROCESS. Manage the permitting process for wind and solar projects, from de beginning to the operations, to the delivery of the plant in working conditions, following the company’s strategies and guidelines and guaranteeing projects are carried out under the best conditions in order to contribute to the successful fulfilment of the business plan.
  2. Develop and animate a network of business introducers. Relationship with others developers in order to develop common infrastructures.
  3. Qualify projects with a view to integrating them into the development process
  4. RELATIONS WITH LANDOWNERS Secure land through the negotiation and signing of promises of lease. – Collaborate whenever necessary in the RELATIONS WITH LANDOWNERS negotiation with the landowners regarding the transfer of use of the affected ground for the wind farms / Solar PV plants, the power lines and the substations. To establish proper relations during project development and construction
  5. RELATIONS WITH THE AUTHORITIES & INSTITUTIONAL REPRESENTATION – Keep the progress on the projects under your control up to date, promote the interchange of information and ensure that the objectives are met, in order to allow the progress of the running projects to be monitored.
  6. Establish a network of high level contacts with the different stakeholders with frequent ground presence. To establish proper relations during project development and construction.
  7. Represent the Company before transport and distribution energy-producing organizations and other organizations in the sector, local public or private actors, and before Public Administration with the aim of defending the Company’s strategic interests.
  8. Represent the company with local public or private actors, state services and communities in order to make known and accepted projects and the company
  9. Initiate the launch of the procedures to apply for Single permit achievement coordinating the activities to set up all the docs in compliance with applicable law.
  10. M&A & PROJECT FINANCE & Asset Rotation SUPPORT – cooperation with the head of development in order to prepare Due Diligence of the projects potentially to acquire and coordinate the project development tasks during Project Finance or Asset Rotation operations
  11. Support and coordinate the project development for wind, solar and storage projects during the construction phase, asset rotation and project finance.
  12. Collaborate with the rest of the areas during the construction and operation stages providing local and regional knowledge as well as with the different incumbents in the geographical area.


 School of Management or University Degree


  • At least 7-8 years of experience in RES project development
  • Minimum of 2 years acting as project development lead associate with good califications (5 or 6)


 Tools: SIG software, pack office

 development tools (SAP, APPIAN, INSIGTHLY, AMS, etc)

 OFFER: Attractive salary and benefits including private health insurance, yearly bonus, trainings, sports cart, company car among others. 


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