Our client is one of the largest players in the offshore sector and we are now looking for Senior Geotechnical Engineer.

Main responsibilities
1.Site Investigations Management:

  • Ownership for Site Investigation area
  • Plan, Manage, Supervise (both in-situ and laboratory) site investigation campaigns and

    any related activities including arrangement of onboard representation; finally interpret geotechnical in-situ and laboratory testing data and coordinate interpretation of geophysical data with geoscientist/ coordinate geoscientists works

  • Procure and manage site investigation contractors and third party studies, by drafting relevant scope of work and technical specifications, evaluation of suppliers and regular follow-up during the works

    2. Geotechnical Scope for Foundation Design

  • Lead Ground Model contractor/ support geophysicists for development by providing geotechnical input to define layering a material parameters.
  • Scope and review Geotechnical Interpretative Reports for Foundations Design.
  • Manage the supply of geotechnical data to the Foundation Designer by ensuring that

    the most optimised data is used.

  • Be able to develop own calculation files for design and installation checks of different

    foundation typologies, considering industry established soil structure interaction


  • Assist on delivering preliminary estimations for foundation design by considering

    appropriate soil-structure interaction models. 3.Technical Support:

  • Liaise and support other departments (consenting, procurement, HSEQ, project control etc).
  • Assist the Transport & Installation team in assessing the installation techniques for the specific ground conditions such as leg penetration assessment, drive ability studies amongst other tasks.
  • Assist on maintaining and keeping up to date geo databases.
  • Ensure that lessons learned are properly documented and implemented.

    4.Reporting and Project Controls

  • Control costs, deadlines, quality of site investigations and geo support contractors
  • Report on progress, budget, schedule weekly/ monthly. Produce reports as required

Technical skills

  • Experience with planning geotechnical campaigns, both in-situ and laboratory programs including advanced texting such as anisotropic compression and cyclic degradation.
  • Strong analytical and numerical skills.
    Knowledgeable with programming languages (Matlab, Python, etc) is a plus.
  • Experience with FEM and advanced constitutive soil models will be an advantage.
  • Familiar with drieve ability analyses, SRD models and use of commercially available

    .software (GRLWEAP).

  • Familiar with GIS environments is desirable although not essential.

    Academic Background

• Civil Engineer with post-graduate studies in Geotechnics or Soil Mechanics

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