Our client is an international investor in renewable energy sources with one of the largest portfolio of solar projects in Poland.

We are currently looking for a Scada Specialist for the Operations and Maintenance team based in Warsaw.

Job description:

 Conducting remote supervision using the SCADA system over the operation and technical condition of devices, installations and systems on photovoltaic farms;

 Starting, implementing and coordinating the implementation of emergency procedures on monitored facilities

 Analysis and handling of faults and failures of devices and systems

 Close cooperation with installation operators and service services on monitored objects

 Reporting and analysis of events occurring in the area of ​​PV power plants

 Preparation of planning data in accordance with the guidelines for the operation of the electricity transmission system

 Managing the movement of devices in accordance with the requirements of the instructions and the Operation and Maintenance Manual of the devices

 Participation in technical acceptance of new installations Ideal candidate profile

 Education with a technical profile (e.g. electrical, electrotechnical, energy)

 Knowledge of SCADA systems and teletransmission used in the power industry

 Knowledge of legal acts regulating the performance of works with active energy devices

 Work experience in a similar position.

 Ability to work in a team

 Good work organization, diligence and accuracy

 Certificate of qualification for the operation and supervision of devices, installations and power networks above 1 kV

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