Our client is one of the leading construction firms in the wind and solar energy sector with over 20 years of experience building projects in Europe, the Americas and Asia. For their growing team in Romania we are now looking for a Project Manager to manage the construction works on wind and solar farms including technical, finance and permitting evaluation during the construction. The mission of the role is to plan, organise, and supervise the plans construction process, according to the Heads of Department guidelines, projects’ planning and phases, taking into account national and international legislation, as well as QSE references, in order to build the solution found for the client, within the targets, deadlines, and costs established internally.


  • Analyse the Projects’ descriptive documents and technical reports, as well as the budgets proposed by P&D, in order to plan and organise the construction phases;
  • Analyse the specifications and conditions on the works’ contract with the Client, studying the Project’s achievements (milestones), in order to define and organise construction phases (deadlines, penalties, obligations);
  • Define and plan the main guidelines with the Site Managers related to the Project, to organise tasks and activities, as well as critical paths, in order to anticipate problems and/or contingencies and comply with QSE requirements;
  • To control the Substations’ Comparative, Budget and Purchase Reports, etc., to ascertain deviations and implement remedial actions, when necessary;
  • Ensure Client management, providing information on the works/construction phases, constraints, milestones/targets, to maintain the Client informed and contribute to their satisfaction;
  • Create and structure an operating, reporting and acting model, defining timings,, , templates, processes and workflows within the Kaizen Project and in conjunction with QSE, in order to contribute to the operational efficiency of the department’s operation and action;
  • To ensure the human resources management of the internal team by promoting the development of skills (technical and behavioural), as well as prioritising the Group’s values and good work environment, in order to ensure everyone’s appreciation;
  • Control the project’s costs;
  • Ensure compliance with the new budget and deadlines.


  • Analyse needs, plan the works from a technical point of view and ensure operational solutions for their execution;
  • Prepare the works’ plan, always aiming to optimise the BU’s resources and objectives;
  • Monitor the projects engineering phase and technical analysis and the design of optimised operational solutions;
  • Prepare the projects’ supplies and logistics reports;
  • Create, manage and comply with the projects’ new budgets;
  • To daily manage the project’s teams and provide continuous assistance to every decision-making;
  • Promote the team’s development, monitoring its performance and identifying improvement opportunities;
  • To globally monitor projects, regarding the department under their responsibility.
  • Is able to provide constructive feedback (positive and improving), with a view to the continuous development of Employees;
  • Promotes Employee’s participation in their own development, encouraging them to make suggestions and implement action plans for continuous improvement;
  • Is able to individualise their approach, adapting the feedback and the type of follow-up to each employee and situation.
  • Suggests creative and innovate alternatives that positively change the traditional methods;
  • Shows openness and ability to adapt to organisational requirements, which may differ from traditional methods, processes and practices;
  • Tests new ways of operating, to reach better results;
  • Increases the efficiency of work processes, optimising resources and improving organisational competitiveness.


Have at least 3 years of experience in a similar role as a PM of large infrastructure project

Engineering degree in electrical, civil or mechanical engineering

Excellent English and Romanian

Leadership and high communication skills



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