Our client is one of the largest players in the wind energy sector with over 30 years of experience in the energy sector.We are now looking to expand their Project Management team and searching for an experienced Project Manager with WIND ENERGY PROJECT EXPERIENCE to join their regional South Cone team.


  • Engineering (Msc equivalent)
  • MBA (desired), PMI or equivalent Project Management degree/ certification.
  • Profile: High responsability, team leader, executive skill and strong customer management, commercial skills.
  • English: professional level. High.
  • Experience: more than 5 years as senior Project Manager at wind industry business in Latam (ideally in a wind manufacturing company).
  • Full availability to travel


  • Mission:
  • The project manager has the overall responsability during the whole project executios and execution readiness phases until final acceptance and handover to service. In his role, the project manager represents the organization to our customers – creating a good relationship with the customer and delivering customer satisfaction. Project Manager should be able to lead and mange several projects simultaneously for Latam Region.
  • Funtions:
  • The project manager has the overall responsability during the whole Project Execution and Execution Readiness phases until final acceptance and handover to Service. He shall lead the project team and has the authority for all aspects in order to secure a safe and successful realisation of the wind farm/ installation of WT’s in terms of cost, quality time and the rest os KPI’s the PMs are in charge of.
  • The project manager should also act as an „internal representative” of the project to support services in the organization. He is the main contact person and interface between all departments, with regards to anything related to the project.
  • HSE: Ensure fulfilment of health, safety, enviroment and technical requirements at the wind farm site, including daily HSE briefings and inductions. Comply with and ensure all managed personnel and subcontractors comply with the requirements contained in the health and safety plan and any other safety or enviromental directive or regulation applicable to the project. The Project Manager can intervene, stop and even prohibit the ongoing construction if he detects an inmediate danger on site; also, address any (sub) contracted worker from continuing to work in case of inadequate handling of WT’s components or anticipated damages of the same. Notify and take inmediate measures upon the detection of any risk, issue or problem.  Ensure that the project complies with general company’s HSE regulations and local statutory HSE in the respective country. Responsible for the safety of the project team and all subcontractors in site as well as other stakeholders affected by his work. Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) has to be worn at all time and inspected frequently before usage to guarantee a safe work space. Perform Safety Walks & Talks per set targets. All hazards, near miss events, accidents and incidents shall be reported inmediately, but within 24 hours.
  • Quality: Ensure compliance with all quality standards and legislation always with the focus of a smooth handover of the WT/WF to the customer and service. Report quality deviations occurring during installation, wich can cause damage to personnel, enviroment or property. Ensure adherence to quality processes at all times, including opening ServiceNow tockets / non – conformity reports (NCR). Create possible derogation / engineering approval ServiceNow.
  • PM will be also main resposible for the project:
  1. customer, contract management and other stakeholders: e.g. claims management from/to customer, changes orders, monthly invoices, cash collection, etc.
  2. Definition of project team.
  3. Service Now request for site resources.
  4. Prepare the Back to Back.
  5. Establish the folder document structure (request).
  6. Request upvise database.
  7. Ensure set up and maintenance of PM tools (schedule, org. chart, upvise…)
  8. Launch first project team meeting.
  9. Review the V0/G3 calculation with CPM.
  10. Update the V1/G4 calculation with risk/opporunities and contingencies present the project forecast review focused on CM changes, R&O & LDs, cash collection and TCD categories assigment.
  11. Present the project deep dive (if it applicable)
  12. Weekly project meeting.
  13. Weekly update of installation progress (information used for reporting in GOMM & GMM)
  14. Weekly operational plan update (applicable to DINT)
  15. OP Monthly release (project schedule review).
  16. Prepare th doc required for the CE if it’s required.
  17. Analyse the customer punch list and the internal punch list before the customer handover.
  18. Accompanies PM to Service OH process (document collection and provicion as well as support for remaining punches).
  19. Conduct hanover meeting to customer.
  20. Apply signature of certificates (CAP, TOC).
  21. Coordinate the Monthly Lessons Learned meetings.

The company offers:

Attractive salary and yearly bonus

Private health insurance plan

Company tools

Trainings, among other benefits

KALE Recruitment Muchorska Tarud-Karwowska  S.J jest agencją zatrudnienia wpisaną jako podmiot upoważnionym w rejestrze Marszałka Województwa Mazowieckiego pod numerem 28683

KALE Recruitment Muchorska Tarud-Karwowska S.J jest agencją zatrudnienia wpisaną jako podmiot upoważniony w rejestrze Marszałka Województwa Mazowieckiego pod numerem 28683

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