The O&M Manager is responsible for defining and implementing the operation and maintenance strategy for the project ensuring that is aligned with the Projects Owner Requirements and all applicable laws, regulation and industry best practice.

The O&M manager is also responsible for the safe and complete operation of any existing project assets, warehouses or equipment and the efficient management of their operations and maintenance.


  • Responsible for ensuring that the O&M requirements are developed, correctly communicated and that the Offshore O&M Execution Plan is designed and implemented. During construction responsible for ensuring that the asset is efficiently and safely commissioned and transitions into an optimized operational asset.
  • Implementation of lessons learnt through parent organizations who individually own and operate one of the largest port folios of onshore wind, Offshore transmission and major infrastructure projects worldwide.
  • Focal point for technical and commercial discussions related with all O&M related contracts, providing the due technical O&M knowledge to all equipment supply package and O&M contracts negotiations.
  • Accountability for valuation and analysis of operation costs, including logistic, installation vessels, O&M vessels, ports and harbors, etc.
  • Accountability for predicting O&M organization and workload with the associated sourcing strategy (internal resources to be hired or trained, work packages to be outsourced – with technical specifications thereof) over the entire lifecycle.
  • When commercially operational the O&M Manager is responsible for ensuring that O&M Policies are in place and effective. O&M asset are requirments to meet the targets set by the Project relating to HQSEE, Production and Availability performance, legal compliance, O&M activities schedule, whilst optimizing the associated costs in order to remain within the sanctioned OPEX budget.
  • Accountability for optimizing O&M strategy, including being ready to proceed to commissioning as well as asset management, of the offshore wind projects, including wind turbines & structures, cables and offshore substation, through strong engagement with key industry stakeholders, supply chain and ports & harbors.
  • Accountability for optimizing decommissioning strategy, through strong engagement with key industry stakeholders and supply chain, ensuring compliance with tender requirements.
  • Accountability for identifying, assessing and mitigating the project’s O&M risks.

• Be accountable for ensuring that O&M and decommissioning matters are in accordance with legislation, ethics, standards and good practices across the offshore wind farms industry, tender requirements, regulatory aspects and project policies.


Master degree in engineering.


The project has an international team of employees and the working language is English.


• Between 7 and 10 years. Minimum 5 years of operational experience, preferably within wind and offshore industries.


• Asset management and integrity, communications, offshore works, marine structures, wind turbines.


  • Excellent communication, diplomatic, networking and influencing skills.
  • Ability to interact with suppliers. Strong sense of values and ethics, and confidentialitywhen dealing with sensitive information.
  • Ability to work within approved budgets and under deadline pressure and deliver highquality results.


    Location in Warsaw, but travelling to supplier’s facilities and offices, local construction ports and constructions sites may be required.

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