Head of O&M and Asset Management Romania

Our client is one of the leading IPPs in Romania and one of the top energy generation companies in the world. For their main offices in Bucharest they are looking now for a Head of O&M and Asset Management to support the local team.

In this role you will have to plan, coordinate and ensure the operation of the wind farms, managing staff, optimize resources and outsourcing, and consider the best business opportunities in accordance with the strategy of the Company to ensure the availability and efficiency of the production installations.

Plan, coordinate and direct the operation of the assets under its responsibility, manage the teams and groups, optimize material resources and external contracting, and consider the best business opportunities, in accordance with the company’s guidelines, to ensure the maximum availability and efficiency of the company’s material assets, as well as controlling the cost incurred in its use.


  • MANAGEMENT AREA – Exercise direction and leadership of the employees in charge, set goals, objectives and responsibilities, define indicators for measuring and evaluating results, encourage and motivate people, and assist in the budgeting area all with the aim of contributing to the development of their collaborators and ensure the fulfillment of the objectives of the area.
  • ANALYSIS OF THE OPERATION OF THE WIND FARMS – Analyze the operation of all wind farms in the country and know their conditions and periodic evolution for possible areas of improvement.
  • OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE POLICY – Fulfill the maintenance policies set by the

    management of all wind farms to achieve the objectives and optimize the cost-benefit balance.

  • PROFITABILITY AND EFFICIENCY OF THE WIND FARMS – Identify and explore the best ways to ensure the maximum profitability and efficiency of operation in each wind farm.
  • NEW INVESTMENTS – Assist in the search and selection of new investments in wind farms to

    achieve profitable conditions for maintenance and operation.

  • COMPANY POLICY AND LEGAL COMPLIANCE – Encourage, promote and monitor policies for the prevention of industrial accidents, environment and quality to ensure the implementation and compliance of projects under his responsibility.
  • INTEREST REPRESENTATION EDP R – Represent the company faced with organizations and institutions, public and private, in matters related with his competences to enforce the interests of EDP R.
  • INTERACTION BETWEEN DIRECTIONS/DEPARTMENTS – Ensure coordination and teamwork with other areas of the organization to facilitate implementation of interrelated activities.
  • ANALYSIS OF THE OPERATION OF THE EXPLOITATION: Direct and supervise the operation of the assets as a whole and know their status and periodic evolution in order to assess the situation and detect possible areas for improvement as well as to seek the efficiency of coordinated / unified exploitation in the various regions.
  • COORDINATION WITH THE REST OF BUSINESS UNIT: Maintain and encourage a high level of coordination with the rest of the areas of the business unit, fostering forums for dialogue and joint review of the business.
    Ensure the correct report and information to the Country Manager on all Asset Operations activities in the country, with the necessary frequency and dedication. Prior consultation with the Country Manager on those decisions considered high impact or that may be relevant in the legal representation function exercised by the same.
  • INTERACTION BETWEEN DEPARTMENTS: Ensure coordination and teamwork with other departments and areas of the organization to facilitate the realization of interrelated and beneficial activities


    • Operational budget 2021: 12M€
    • Revenues 2021: 80M€ NON FINANCIAL DIMENSION:
    • Team managed: 17 FTE
    • Direct reports: 3 FTE
    • Installed power under management: 521MW

      EDUCATION: Senior Engineer

      Experience: 3 years in senior positions (asset management) in industrial plants or power plants. 3 years in the direction of power plant/Asset management direction. Experience in management of teams in a multicultural and diversity environment.

      Specific Knowledge: Technology of power farms, cost-benefit analysis, maintenance techniques, flow analysis, analysis of profitability of investment, energy market regulator, wind technology, monitoring operating parameters.

      Languages: Romanian is a must, good command English

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