Our client is one of the leading investors in solar and wind energy now with a large portfolio in Chile. To lead their Construction and Engineering team we are now looking for an experienced professional for the position of Head of Construction. Please note we will take into consideration candidates that only have experience in wind energy construction management for this role.

MISSION: To be responsible for directing, organizing, scheduling and managing all construction activities of the country, directing and leading the Construction team along the execution of the renewable projects and associated electrical connection infrastructures, in accordance with the investment plan and with the directives of the Engineering and Construction IG department, and rest of areas from the company.

Monitor and control the compliance of projects deadlines and budgets, together with Sustainability policies and Quality requirements, controlling the hole cycle of the projects construction, acting as main point of contact to handle any issues regarding construction aspects with the main stakeholders.


AREA MANAGEMENT:  Responsible for reaching the stablished objectives for the country´s Construction area, directing the internal construction staff along the projects management, and stablishing the necessary objectives to ensure the compliance with the project objectives, the Company processes, and Health&Safety, Environment and QA/QC internal policies.

Responsible for defining the construction strategy of the projects of the country, assigning the construction project staff to each project, defining the construction strategy and the external technical assistance team to monitor and control the construction.

TEAM COORDINATION and MANAGMENT: leadership of the country´s Construction team, being responsible for setting goals, objectives and responsibilities.

Coaching each team member for continuous performance improvement and conducting people development along its career selecting and ensuring the needed training. Ensuring that the construction area has the required capabilities and tools to deliver such KPIs, on time and on budget.

PRE-CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT: Supervise the management of the preparation of the construction of the projects from Investment Memo to start of construction, including: establishing the base project masterplan and CapEx, conducting the needed regular updates of both, facilitate hand over of the projects from Engineering to Construction, including the review of all the relevant project technical documentation and in particular the different tender projects, according to the construction strategy.

Lead the Construction Project Managers assigned to each project along the Request for Proposals (RfPs) processes, stablishing the criteria for the evaluation of the technical offers, participating with Purchasing in the selection and sourcing of the external contractors, ensuring the compliance of the scope of works, the project technical requirements, the alignment of the contractual schedule with the necessities of the project masterplan, and supporting the Purchasing and Legal teams along the negotiation of the contracts.

CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT: Supervise the team along the management of the construction of the projects from start of construction to Commercial Operation Date, ensuring compliance of projects targets in terms of Health & Safety, Quality, CAPEX and Schedule and the different management plans for Physical security, Environmental, Social.

Regular control, follow up and updates of the projects´ schedule, ensuring the use of the developed tools and systems for that.

Responsible for the construction risks management, helping in the identification and assessment in each of the projects, and stablishing the needed contingency plans to eliminate or mitigate them.

Preparation, management and controlling of constructions budgets and work with both internal departments and contractors to ensure that budget targets are achieved and that appropriate commercial structures are in place. Ensure compliance with expenditure and investment budgets in accordance with the guidelines set in relation to the projects under responsibility to achieve the predetermined objectives.

Management of internal and external related construction stakeholder. Regular control, follow up and updates of the construction management plan. Liaise with third party construction and operational contractors of the power plants to monitor contractual compliance  of plants; pro-actively identify potential issues ahead of time in order to ensure compliance with the terms of the projects, deadlines, cost and technical requirements.

Support all the team members along the management of contractors, including claims, ensuring compliance of the contracted terms and conditions. Also supporting along the management of technical assistance and/or specialist services and contractors.

Reporting the state of the different construction projects state and principal risks to the E&C Direction, evaluating and jointly establishing the necessary strategies and action plans.

PRE-OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: Supervise the management of the construction of the projects from Commercial Operational Date up to signature of Take over Certificate and handover to Operation & Maintenance, ensuring compliance of projects targets in terms of Health, Safety and Environment, Quality, CAPEX. Support the team along the management of commissioning, final compliance check and preparation of hand over dossier, close out of management of contractors, up to signature of the Take Over Certificates and lead the handover of the projects from Construction to O&M Department, ensuring compliance with the Company process.

TECHNICAL COLLABORATION: Provide technical support for promotion and bidding activities in the phases prior to the start of project execution in order to ensure the optimal development of such activities. Technical support during due diligences processes on construction related matters, including review of the CapEx estimates, site visits, constructability reviews In order to optimize the projects and minimize the construction risk.

Assure the coordination and service provision, from Operational Support IG and other Technology teams, during the construction processes ensuring its integration in the project with the needed time ahead, to minimize the risk associated to the construction process.

STANDARDIZATION: Lead the application of the common standards in the projects, supervising its adaptation to applicable local regulation, in order to avoid non justified deviations and maximize the investment efficiency with all the technical warranty needed. Construction best practices definition and implementation. Challenge Technical Standards applicability and verify and justify deviations from them, in order to assure the technical solvency and the technical-economic efficiency of the projects. Initiate and develop creative and innovative engineering processes.

COMPANY POLICY AND LEGAL COMPLIANCE: Maintain and enhance the risk monitoring and H&S framework in place, designed to identify any issues early and resolve them in a timely fashion.  Ensure rigorous HSE arrangements are put in place and maintained on projects. Understand and apply policies to prevent occupational hazards, environment and quality to ensure implementation and compliance on tasks under their responsibility.

COMPANY INSTITUTIONAL REPRESENTATION: Represent the organization to agencies and institutions, public and private, in matters relating to its jurisdiction to enforce the interests of the company.




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