Our client is one of the most rapidly growing companies within the renewable energy sector in Europe. For their growing technical team we are looking for an Engineering Lead Coordinator- Assistant to Technical Director for Europe. The role will primary consist of two parts:

  1. The successful candidate will assist in the communication and information dissemination with our Technical Advisors and the preparation of Technical Due Diligence reports
  2. Manage communication with the General Contractor and other Supply Chain partners who are currently based in China.

The Candidate should have the following characteristics:

  • Fluent in Mandarin and English. Willingness to travel to China and other locations around Europe.
  • Have worked inside or closely with an international business and therefore understands both Western and Eastern business practices and can seamlessly switch between the two.
  • Be results orientated and be comfortable working to well defined preset objectives
  • Much of their role will be people facing and therefore they must be able to build and exploit relationships quickly
  • The role will be multifaceted and therefore suit an organized, skilled administrator
  • A degree in Engineering or Economics
  • A working knowledge of and experience in the Renewable Energy sector preferred 
  1. Technical Director’s Assistant 

The Technical Director requires an assistant to manage the flow of information from the technical teams and advisors to the financial structuring team.

Key Roles:

–           Managing the Technical Due Diligence for individual solar projects

–           Optimization of PV projects’ Key Performance Indicators

–           Assisting in contract progress reporting obligations

–           Keeping track of contracts’ key information and records of changes

–           Keeping track of contractual obligations

  1. General Contractor Liaison

This is a sensitive relationship and therefore we would need to develop the chemistry over time. Dan, Fergie and Piotr will lead and in due course, delegate more responsibility of this relationship to the candidate.

Key Roles:

  • Manage the day-to-day relationship with General Contractor
  • Liaising with their project and operations team
  • Assisting with the gathering and dissemination of documents for payments, contracts and other ad hoc requirements
  • Manage files and records for the various construction related contracts
  • Organise travel and meeting schedules when delegations travel to or from China

Our client offers an excellent salary plus benefits package and the opportunity to work in projects all around the world.

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