Our client is an international wind and solar investor with a large portfolio of projects in Chile and other countries in the region. We are now looking for an Energy Assessment Manager to cover the management of both solar and wind measurement campaigns in the country.

Based in Santiago de Chile, the right candidate shall assure that Energy Assessment technical criteria are followed for Chilean projects and Assets; Ensures that all wind resource assessments tasks needed by the Chilean Business Unit are carried out under the strategy of the organization, civil law, administrative, technical and environment to maximize the profitability of the organization through the production of energy, in order to identify the optimal WTGs for the project, define the optimal Wind Farm layout and to get the most accuracy energy output estimation for future and operational projects.


  • MEASURING CAMPAIGN DEFINITION defines, supported by the Energy Assessment Dpmnt., the detail of the measuring campaign for wind data collection. Oversee the management of design, installation and maintenance of meteorological measurement stations as well as the correct data collection and support in the possible incidents, possibly in order to ensure proper energy assessment, establishing the reference production and operation of wind farms.
  • WIND ASSESSMENT Manages the wind assessment process for DD processes,  projects and assets. Monitoring studies conducted by the company or external consultants to assess the wind potential in order to ensure proper energy assessment.
  • TECHNICAL WTG SELECTION Provides the technical arguments, and validates the selection of the optimal WTGs for each wind farm and location, in order to maximize the energy production considering the environmental and technical restrictions
  • WIND FARM LAYOUT DESIGN Manages the design of the optimal wind farm layout in order to maximize the energy production, considering the environmental and technical constrains
  • SITE CALIBRATION & POWER CURVE VERIFICATION. Prepare detailed technical documentation to include in each phase and participation in the technical aspects of each contract, including negotiations with the contractor. Oversee the proper installation of infrastructure for location calibration, Hire an independent third party to the Power Curve Verification and monitor the data collection process. Analyze them as well as the results and take corrective action in case of breach of contract.
  • EXTERNAL SERVICE PROVIDERS MANAGEMENT. Manages the wind resource external service providers. Monitoring studies conducted by external consultants to assess the wind potential in order to ensure proper energy assessment, establishing the reference to production and exploitation of wind farms.
  • START-UP VERIFICATION: Run and analyze evidence of completion of the wind farm and, where appropriate, participate in others. Determine conformity and nonconformity of the plant in order to ensure the proper construction of the wind farm in relation to the performance of wind turbines.


Number of Indirect Reports: 10 suppliers


Degree in Engineering (M.Sc.)

5 years experience in wind resource assessment.


Strong Leadership and Analytical Skills, Team Building Skills Fluent in English and Spanish. Portuguese is a plus.


Strong written and oral communication skills
Proven ability to learn new software programs
Ability to multi-task and work concurrently on multiple projects High attention to detail
Strong organizational skills
Ability to be self-motivated
Strong analytic and problem-solving skills


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