Our client is the fourth largest IPP in the world with a long-term experience in Poland. Responsible for the execution of Solar PV and Onshore Wind Farms (and associated infrastructures) projects, in the whole cycle of construction: from Investment Memo and/or start of tender of construction process up to start of construction (Pre-Construction), from start of construction up to Commercial Operation Date (Construction), and from Commercial Operational Date up to signature of Take over Certificate and handover to Operation & Maintenance (Pre-Operations). Ensuring compliance of execution of projects targets in terms of Health, Safety and Environment, Quality, CAPEX and Schedule according with the Company Business Plan and EU&BR E&C Department requirements.



Management of the preparation of the construction of the projects from Investment Memo to start of construction, including:

  • CapEx estimation for construction in order to seek approval of the investment and/or bid auction.
  • Planning of the construction.
  • Constructability review of the projects.
  • Regular updates of the CapEx estimates and planning.
  • Construction readiness plan, including securing necessary internal and external resources to manage the construction.
  • Facilitate hand over of the projects from Engineering to Construction, including the review of all technical documentation and relevant project documentation.
  • Review of the documentation for tendering of the construction of the project, including all relevant individual tenders as per project contracting strategy.
  • Contribute to the definition of the contracting strategy of the projects.
  • Provide technical support during the whole tender of construction process, including review of the offers, technical assessments, clarifications with bidders and support during negotiations with bidders up to contract award, ensuring optimal contractors selection and contracting conditions.

Management of the construction of the projects from start of construction to Commercial Operation Date, ensuring compliance of projects targets in terms of Health, Safety and Environment, Quality, CAPEX and Schedule according with the Company Business Plan and EU&BR E&C Department requirements, including:

  • Preparation and regular update of the Construction Management Plan.
  • Regular control, follow up and updates of the planning.
  • Regular control, follow up and updates of the CapEx.
  • Management of contractors, including claims, ensuring compliance of the contracted terms and conditions.
  • Management of technical assistance and/or specialist services.
  • Management of interfaces across contractors.
  • Management of changes.
  • Management of administrative work.
  • Contribution to communication plan.
  • Reporting, including management of daily, weekly and monthly reports.
  • Management of internal and external related construction stakeholders.
  • Regular control, follow up and updates of the construction management plan.
  • Documentation management, ensuring compliance with Company processes and tools.
  • Ensuring Health, Safety and Environment compliance with requirements.
  • Ensuring Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

Management of the construction of the projects from Commercial Operational Date up to signature of Take over Certificate and handover to Operation & Maintenance, ensuring compliance of projects targets in terms of Health, Safety and Environment, Quality, CAPEX and Schedule according with the Company Business Plan and EU&BR E&C Department requirements, including following responsibilities in addition to the construction management related ones:

  • Management of commissioning.
  • Final compliance check and preparation of hand over dossier.
  • Close out of management of contractors, up to signature of the Take Over Certificates.
  • Manage and lead the handover of the projects from Construction to O&M Department, ensuring compliance with the Company process.
  • Technical support during due diligences processes on construction related matters, including review of the CapEx estimates, site visits, constructability reviews.
  • Technical support to the engineering process during development phase, including review of studies, pre-projects, basic projects and execution designs when relevant in order to optimize the projects and minimize the construction risk.
  • Technical support to O&M department with the management of the punch list from construction if any.
  • Contribute to definition and improvement of construction vision, strategy, policies, processes and procedures to seek for construction excellence and boost performance to deliver projects meeting requirements.
  • Contribution to definition and improvement of construction best practices, requirements, specifications and standards.
  • Contribute to country management on regulation and market initiatives in order to facilitate compliance with business plan targets.
  • Contribute to the technical contractors qualification process.
  • Contribute to construction excellence initiatives in order to continuously boost construction performance and optimize the projects while reducing the risk.
  • Technical support to technical corporate and LEAN departments in order to facilitate continuous improvement based on construction experience.
  1. TEAM MANAGEMENT: leadership and management of its team, being responsible for setting objectives and responsibilities, performance management and people development of all its staff.
  2. COMPANY POLICY AND LEGAL COMPLIANCE: Understand and comply with company policies, processes and procedures as well as ensuring that construction of projects are in accordance with legislation, ethics, standards and good practices across the onshore wind and solar PV industry, tender requirements, regulatory aspects and project policies.


  • Internal: Company management, project management, development, Health & Safety, environment, finance, administration and tax, planning and control, procurement, engineering, operational support, remote operations and dispatch centre, asset operations, energy management, communication, legal, energy assessment, corporate technology, internal audit, technological resources, insurances, human resources, as well as other corporate departments if any.
  • External: suppliers / contractors, consultants / specialists, engineering services, technical assistance services, ports, certification bodies, public authorities, TSO/DSO, operators consortiums, etc.
    • Language of the Country of responsibility.



      • Master of Science in Engineering, preferably in electrical or civil works or similar.



      • At least 5 years of relevant experience in construction of onshore wind farms, solar PV, substations and high voltages lines.
      • Relevant experience in construction of other renewable or equivalent projects in power sector is a plus.
      • Experience working in a large-scale utility and multicultural environment is a plus.



      • Construction Management.
      • Project Management.
      • Onshore wind and Solar PV regulations on the country.
      • Onshore wind and Solar PV country´s market is a plus.
      • Electric and civil works.
      • MS Project.
      • MS Office.
      • AutoCad & GIS is a plus.



      • Organizational skills (creating structure and order, boosting efficiency, and prioritizing task).
      • Ability to report key indicators.
      • Resources management.
      • Excellent communication, diplomatic, networking and influencing skills.
      • Understanding and alignment with corporate culture and/or ability to adapt quickly to the corporate culture.
      • Ability to make rational decisions, even when under pressure.
      • Ability to take initiative.
      • Ability to interact with suppliers.
      • Strong sense of values and ethics, and confidentiality when dealing with sensitive information.
      • Ability to work within approved budgets and under deadline pressure and deliver high quality results.




      • Flexibility and availability to travel regularly in the country and from time to time internationally.





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