As part of the Commercial Engineering Team this role provides technical support across all areas of the global organisation and for projects being developed across the globe with a main focus in Poland.

Contributing to and supporting all areas of Company bp’s Commercial Engineering Team, focusing on projects in early development and pre-construction phases and including support to projects in construction.

Duties & responsibilities

  • Focusing on projects in Poland (primarily, but also internationally), support the Project Development process (including Acquisitions), across all technical aspects;
  • Lead the Technical Due Diligence (Acquisition and/or Financing) and manage internal and external service providers;
  • Undertake Energy Yield Assessments (EYA);
  • Undertake LCOE Optimisation and analysis for new Projects;
  • Support the assessment of new technologies (modules, inverters, structures);
  • Lead the development of Basic Design, including instructing layouts and SLDs;
  • Lead the development of EPC Contract Technical Appendices;
  • Support Project Managers as needed across all technical aspects during construction period, Works Completion, PAC and FAC;
  • Coordinate and manage Technical Advisors (OE, LTA, etc) locally and internationally;
  • Review EPC Contractor bids, designs, reports, orders, etc for compliance with Owner’s Requirements and EPC Contract Appendices;
  • Undertake site visits to both new greenfield sites and sites under construction;
  • Support on engineering analysis of curtailment, performance evaluation of new technologies, etc.

Knowledge & experience

  • Strong level of experience in the Solar PV industry;
  • Good knowledge of PV generating technologies and constituent components (modules, inverters, structures, trackers, etc);
  • Good knowledge of EPC / O&M contracts, including Technical Appendices;
  • Good understanding of PPAs, Grid Connection Agreements and technical inputs to Financial Models,
  • Experience in undertaking Energy Yield Assessment (EYA) and good knowledge of pertinent factors affecting PV plant performance;
  • Knowledge of simulation software including PVsyst (AutoCAD, PVcase, ArcGIS or other Solar software is a plus);
  • Experience with large-scale Solar PV plants in Poland, working either on the Developer, EPC Contractor or Technical Advisor side;
  • Good knowledge of the main players in the industry (Technical Advisors, investors, EPCs, TSO/DNOs, etc).

General skills & attributes

  • Fluent English spoken and written;
  • Fluent Polish spoken and written;
  • Full Driving licence;
  • Proactive, autonomous, flexible and driven.
  • Forward thinking, a problem solver and solution provider;
  • Proactive and being able to prioritise workload;
  • Able to promote a positive working culture within the team;
  • Strong organisational and good communication skills both verbal and written.

Education and qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering
  • Master’s in Renewable Energy or related field is required

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